Between traditions and modernity...
A selection of recent drawings from the "ASIA" series. See the full project here.

"Batik Universe", 2013. Pencil on paper. 20x20cm.

"Jayavarman VII", 2013. Pencil on paper. 40x40cm.

"Devotion", 2014. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

"Under the Draco", 2014. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

A special thanks to Yen Phang and Karen Tan (Pocket Projects) for the invitation at PASSPORTS: Through the Red Dot Into Other Worlds group exhibition where I've showed for the first time a selection of drawings from the "ASIA" project. More details and photographs of the show can be found on the Facebook page and here.


The on-going art project "ASIA" has been added under Works page.
Below a selection of some drawings from the project.

"Haruka", 2013. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

"Smile", 2013. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

"Banteay Samrč", 2013. Pencil on paper. 40x40cm.

"Mersing", 2013. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

"Silence", 2012. Pencil on paper. 40x40cm.

Selection from the ongoing series of drawings inspired by travels around Asia.
Subjects are taken from Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong and China.

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper. 30x30cm.

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper. 20x20cm.

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper. 40x40cm.

Italian book "Il Battito della Mia Terra" is now in bookstores. Sponsored by Universitŕ Politecnica delle Marche and Regione Marche, the book explores stories and historical facts of the Marche region. For more informations please visit the publisher website Il Lavoro Editoriale.

"Il Battito della Mia Terra", 2012. Art Direction and Book Design.

A view from the new body of work about Singapore and Asia.

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper, 20x20cm.

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper, 60x60cm.

A preview from the first asians drawings below. More to come soon!

"Untitled", 2012. Pencil on paper, 60x60cm.

Hello Singapore! Just moved to this exciting city to start work and discover the far east.
Stay tuned for first Asian works!

"Hello Singapore!", 2012. Poster. Digital.

Final version of the poster for italian shortfilm La Cosa In Cima Alle Scale, directed by Michele Torbidoni. Follow the official website to see the trailer and for upcoming screenings!

"La Cosa in Cima alle Scale", 2011. Poster. Pencils on paper, digital.

Interview with London-based Lemonade Magazine.

"Lemonade Magazine", 2011. Interview.

A new reality in contemporary art is born. Mazen's website is online!

"Mazen", 2011. Corporate Identity.

Working on a new series of acrylics. Below the first one, 200x200 cm.

"Tsunami", 2011. Acrylics on paper.

After almost 6 years, the long await is over.
Brand new Craft album VOID is finally out.

"Void", 2010. Pencil on paper.

Teaser poster for the italian short film La Cosa In Cima Alle Scale. The movie, directed by Michele Torbidoni, is a contemporary horror story inspired by a Ray Bradbury novel. The trailer has been selected by the Marche Film Commission and will be presented at the upcoming 68ma Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia. Follow the updates at the official blog.


On the occasion of the 10th death anniversary of Per "Dead" Ohlin, leading swedish rock/metal magazine Sweden Rock published my MayheM portrait. More about "Dead" on the official tribute page.


A selection of drawings from The Music Archive has been published by the web magazine nu®ant.
For more updates, a Twitter account is up.


Sudtiroler artist Hannes Egger will exhibits his new art project "See You" at the upcoming 54th Venice Biennale, Austrian Pavilion (04/06–27/11). More infos and a live coverage of the installation will be posted soon on the official blog. Below a preview of the graphic identity of the exhibition.

"See You", 2011. Promotional posters.

Here's a preview of a new series of acrylics.
Each piece measures 100x70 cm.

"Animalia I", 2010. Pencil and acrylics on paper.

"Animalia II", 2010. Pencil and acrylics on paper.

"Animalia III", 2010. Pencil and acrylics on paper.

"Animalia IV" (in progress), 2010. Pencil and acrylics on paper.

The new long-awaited Craft album is coming this fall.
You can find below a preview of the cover art.

"Void" (detail), 2010. Pencil on paper.

A first selection of sketches done between 2005-2007.


A King Diamond illustration for Royal Flush Magazine is on the way.

"King Diamond", 2010. Pencil on paper.

After one year of "silence" the website will be finally updated more frequently.
In this (blog) page you'll find previews of upcoming works as well as old unreleased drawings.

"Lucia", 2010. Pencil on paper.

"Lucia", 2010. Pencil on paper.

"Děsa", 2009. Pencil on paper.

"Werkbank", 2009. Pen on paper.

"Earth", 2009. Pencil on paper.

A solo exhibition (together with Sabine Auer) will open the 12th of June at the Werkbank, Lana (BZ).
I will display a selection from the music archive along with a site-specific installation.
The exhibition will close the day after.

A new group show (18 June - 3 May) is scheduled for the 18th of June at The Life Gallery in Portland, Oregon (USA). The exhibition - named Entarte Kunts - is curated by the artist Dennis Dread and displays worldwide artists that works for the underground such as Kristian Wĺhlin, Arik Roper, E. Danielsson, Chanel Adair etc. Further infos at the Dennis Dread's blog.
I will show several cover artworks (Thyrfing, Schizo, Aborym) and the Anaal Nathrakh portrait from the music archive.

A solo show (18 April - 3 May) will open the 18th of April at Chiesa di San Bernardo, Jesi (An).
The exhibition – held by the Assessorato alla Cultura and Musei Civici of Jesi – is a selection of nine young artists from Marche region. Follow the official blog for further infos.
The show will displays a part of the music archive featuring drawings from years 2005-2009
and a site-specific installation.

Catalogue for the Ian Tweedy's solo show at Gamec museum in Bergamo.
The exhibition will be open till 30 November 2008.

New works uploaded: a fashion catalogue for Betty Blue and cd artwork for mexican band Meltdown.

A new interview made by Claudio Parentela is available at his art blog.

Backpackers group exhibition has been opened at the Borgovico33 art space in Como.
Click here to see some photos!

Marduk's classic album Nightwing has been re-released featuring a new cover art.
Check out the drawing here!

A portrait of Xabier Iriondo is now showing at the "Global Island Backpack" exhibition at Spazio Tantrika in Milan till the 29th of May. Another exhibition will open in the middle of June at Como, more infos soon.

Design section finally updated! More graphic design works and art projects are coming soon.

Design section refreshed and updated with recent works.
Website is featured in Web Design Index 7 book, thank you Hĺvard!

Gallery, Design and Other section updated.

Lorenzo is proud to announce the commissioned portrait of Dame Evelyn Glennie, the famous scottish percussionist. Check it out here. Design section also updated.

Gallery and Design updated. "The Wait" wins a special prize from Premio Artemisia 2006!

Massive update in Design section and new interview with Artdust.

Gallery updated with new portraits from Warp artists and Celtic Frost series.


'Black Metal' and 'Below the Sound' galleries finally updated. Artworks section updated with brand new works for MayheM, Metal Injection, Throne of Decadence and Mondo +. Interview on

New website finally out. A must thanks to Håvard Gjelseth for his stunning work and to Catartica for her past webmaster activity. I hope you enjoy the new works and stay tuned for incoming updates!

Moved to new server, expect some startup errors. Will be fixed shortly.
A new site redesigned by Håvard Gjelseth is expected for January '06.
New interviews on Raster and Metalinside.

Lorenzo received a special gift by Staedtler Italia, thanks again for the beautiful stuff.
Infernal Poetry's videoclip for the track "Crawl" is finished. Download it on the personal website of the director Michelangelo Neri Orliani.
Lots of new works and more updates on September.

Lorenzo won the first edition of the painting competition "Volti di Donne, Storie di Vita" organized by the Province of Ancona. The winner artwork is Time.
Check out the Other section for details.
Black Metal section updated with three new drawings.

Artworks section updated with three new works for Infernal Poetry, Ruins and Metal Hordes webzine.
A new gallery section and lots of unrelaesed works are coming soon...

Sardonic Wrath artwork is among (2nd place) the best cover art in 2004 Terrorizer readers poll and in many other polls! Thank you all!


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