Ian Tweedy I'll Meet You at the Rendezvous



Catalogue for the Ian Tweedy's solo exhibition at the GAMeC museum in Bergamo. The exhibition has been curated by Alessandro Rabottini and the book has been published by Lubrina Editore.

"This artist of American origin, born and raised on a military base in Germany and now residing in Italy, Ian Tweedy has made his nomadic condition central to his work. His artistic activity is rooted in themes such as the relationship between individual biography and the collective past, suggestive appropriation of recent and remote history, a quest for new meanings for concepts of identity, belonging and freedom. Through the use of painting, collage, drawing, video and installation techniques that are often combined with one another in an arrangement of figures, supports, atmospheres and meanings the work of Tweedy pursues two primary research channels. The past and history are immense archives of images to be recuperated and transformed, while Street Art and Graffiti Art are experienced as creative forms that are in constant conflict with the everyday, unplanned and the frenetic succession of events in urban life." - Alessandro Rabottini, curator.

Medium: digital

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